What to expect from our advice process

When you meet with our financial planners we will take you through a detailed process, as below, however it is important to note the law requires that any personal advice you receive from us must be appropriate to your circumstances. While you have the right not to tell us personal information, if you don’t, the advice you receive may not be appropriate to your needs and your financial situation.

Our Advice Process

Our no cost no obligation initial appointment

The purpose of an initial appointment is to discuss your situation and determine where we can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle needs and objectives. You are under no obligation to continue with our process if you feel we are not the right team for you!

The sharing of information

To ensure that the advice and assistance we provide is correct we will need to learn more about your personal and financial circumstances. We will help you identify your current financial position and the goals you would like to achieve.

Your understanding of the financial planning process is important, so the sharing of information goes both ways. With full disclosure we will discuss with you our terms and conditions, our related party relationships, and how we are paid and by who.

What’s next if you are happy to proceed?

The building of our strategy to meet your desired outcomes

With the information we have gathered from you we will consider and develop several options to assist you with meeting the needs and objectives identified during our initial meeting and information gathering process. Once we are satisfied our advice and strategy is matched as the most appropriate solution for you we will provide you with our recommendations in written form, known as a Statement of Advice.

The presentation and discussion of our recommendations

To ensure you have a thorough and complete understanding of our recommendations, we will clearly explain, in a simple and easy to understand manner, our reasons and details of our advice.

You’re happy with our recommendations… what’s next?

The implementation of the agreed advice and recommendations

We will manage the process of implementing our advice and recommendations to ensure you are provided with a complete end-to-end financial planning process. Leaving you with a stress free experience and the reassurance that your plan to reach your financial and lifestyle needs and objectives are in place.

What happens once the recommendations are in place?

To ensure our recommendations are in line with your goals and outcomes a review meeting is to be held after a reasonable time to discuss your current financial position along with your current needs and objectives. At this time we can re-evaluate our advice and strategies in relation to any changes in your circumstances, as well as changes in legislation and the current economic environment.

It is important to remember that you are in control and can decide whether to stop, change or continue at any stage of the process.

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