Protect your income if the unexpected happens

What if the unexpected were to happen?

Personal Risk and Insurance Planning is a very important part of your overall financial plan.  Personal insurances can help to ensure that those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged in the event of your death, a medical crisis, a long-term injury or your disablement.


To fully understand the importance of financial protection the typical questions listed below are often raised:

  • What would happen if your income suddenly stopped? Do you have income protection?
  • How would outstanding debts be paid off if you prematurely died? Do you have life insurance cover?
  • Who would be the people most affected and how would they cope not only emotionally but financially?
  • Who would carry the burden of looking after you in the case that you are permanently disabled and are they financially capable? Do you have total & permanent disability insurance?
  • What if you were to suffer a traumatic event which required had an immediate financial expense? Do you have trauma cover?

These hypothetical questions are not nearly thought about as often as they should be. These types of unfortunate and unforeseen events occur more frequently than most people think.


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