Centrelink entitlements and aged care concerns


Our Centrelink service takes away all the hassles and confusion about dealing with Centrelink and ensures you receive the right benefits when you are entitled to them.


Access to Benefits

  • We work very closely with Centrelink and we are familiar with their processes and range of benefits and payments.
  • Your eligibility for Centrelink may change based on legislation and/or changes to your income and assets. We consider strategies to reduce your assessable income and assets to maximise the benefit payable to you.

Speaking with Centrelink on your behalf

  • By nominating a financial planner as a “person permitted to enquire” on your behalf with Centrelink, we will contact them to make enquires of your payments or benefit entitlements.
  • Centrelink requires you to complete forms on a regular basis to ensure that you are receiving the correct payments. If the forms are not returned in time or are not completed correctly, they may suspend or cancel your benefits.
  • By nominating a financial planner as a “correspondence nominee” with Centrelink, our office can receive and complete all forms and correspondence on your behalf.

Aged Care

It is a well-publicised fact that Australians are living longer today than ever before. Our life expectancies are increasing for a number of reasons, including medical advancements and a wider public awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However as many people age, their health and mobility begin to deteriorate and their ability to be self-reliant decreases. There may come a time in an older person’s life when they are no longer able to live independently and will need some level of assistance.

It’s important to plan ahead with your finances to enusre the type of aged care which is used is both personally and financiall beneficial. Many factors are taken into account when you apply to access aged care services so seeking advice will help ensure the process for calculating the costs are transparent and consistent.

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